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As you read the information below, if you have any questions you may contact our sales office by phone at 800-936-6202 or 302-791-9446, or by email at livesales@livewarepub.com.   If you are interested in including R&R in your commercial application, send email to livepartners@livewarepub.com.

Key Benefits

Solves problems getting the information you need in the format you want
Intuitive design lets non-technical users create their own reports
Royalty-free runtime lets developers add reports to custom applications
Infinite future upgrades at no additional charge


R&R ReportWorks is a data access and reporting tool that lets users design professional, meaningful reports quickly and easily for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases that are accessible via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2.

End users, developers, consultants and IS staff can develop reports quickly and reliably, thus responding better to customer needs and at a much lower cost.  Developers and IS staff can also tailor ReportWorks to their users, so that they can create and run their own reports.

Business users can access databases directly without programming, with the ease-of-use of plain English queries and menus, and in the case of R&R for Windows, the friendly and familiar Microsoft Office user interface.  Review the report information on screen, printed, and exported via MAPI to other users, or via HTML for publication on the Web.  Database information can be selected, analyzed, summarized and presented in a variety of ways - resulting in highly polished reports produced on time, with minimal effort!

Each ReportWorks license will now include both xBase and SQL Report Designer licenses, plus the rights to distribute runtime components for either or both. ReportWorks also includes a number of user friendly utility programs including Report Librariantm, Rapid Runnertm and Data Dictionary Editor.


R&R ReportWorks products are licensed for a specific number of concurrent Report Designer users, and the software automatically meters this usage.  Products are available for customers who need single-user or multi-user Designer licenses.  R&R ReportWorks may be installed on a network for shared use in a multi-user environment.  In addition to the metered Designer licensing, ReportWorks also includes an unlimited use runtime so that reports created in the Report Designer may be freely run by an unlimited number of runtime users. We also offer R&R ReportWorksLite, a low version of ReportWorks that allows end-users to make cosmetic changes to existing reports without altering the report’s underlying structure.

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System Requirements

R&R Version 12 requires approximately 50 MB (30MB SQL / 20MB Xbase) of available disk space.

You can install R&R Version 12 on machines running the following operating systems:

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows NT

Windows 2000

Windows XP